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What should I study after algebra?

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    So far I'm about halfway through an algebra book. The last two chapters are quadratic equations and quadratic applications.

    What shoud I study next? Stick with algebra, and get a book on more "advanced" algebra?

    Basically, I need to educate myself up through a pre-calculus level, due to plans of enrolling in college next fall.

    Thanks a lot.
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    trig? rates of change?
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    We could assume that you are currently studying Intermediate Algebra, since you are studying quadratic equations halfway through the book. If you were studying Introductory Algebra, then you would most likely deal with quadratic equations near the end of the book.

    What comes next could be Geometry (which you may also do much later depending on your interests), then Trigonometry, and then PreCalculus (which College Algebra and Trigonometry). You might wonder if you should do your trigonometry study as part of PreCalculus; It is up to you as long as you are studying on your own. Many PreCalculus courses are a combination of this more advanced algebra with much of the same Trigonometry which you would study in a dedicated Trigonometry course. You need it one way or the other or both ways, but you really will need it.

    What is your goal with Mathematics?
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    Actually, this is introductory algebra, the very last two chapters of the book deal with quadratic equations.

    So, I should probably get a "college algebra" book after I complete this one?

    As far as my goal, I need to do well in college. Thinking of possibly attempting an engineering degree.

    Right now, I just need to get my math up to an appropriate level to start college.

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    college algebra>trig+pre cal>calc+differential equations+linear algebra>pdes+fourier analysis if you want to be EE
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    I may have confused you. I did not mean to do so.

    Your next course should be either INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA, or Geometry. Both are good courses to study and either can naturally follow after your Introductory course of Algebra. My advice is to pick the intermediate course of Algebra when you are finished with your introductory level study; you will find a large portion of the intermediate level useful throughout much of what you might study in the sciences.
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    Great advise. Thanks.
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    try euclidean geometry.
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