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What skills are required for programming internship?

  1. Aug 18, 2011 #1
    It would be fantastic if someone could come up with a rough list of what you think the necessary skills are for a programming internship. Let's say in C#, for example. I read that companies want interns who are (in theory) very proficient at a language but want to apply their learned skills in the real world.

    At what level of proficiency in the language do interns need in order to be hired?

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    Can you make a simple app (using correct coding practices, like OOP and such) to show at an interview? That's usually enough to know you have the skills you would need.

    Just go for an interview with some company and see if you impress them enough to do the internship. If the turn you down, take it as a learning experience and ask the interviewer what they think you need to improve on. Just remember, the worst (reasonable) thing that can happen is that they turn you down, but that's still a good thing in a way, because it's a learning experience.
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    Out of 200 applicants, can you beat out the 199 who can't do something at the level of fizz buzz?

    Difficulty: you're usually under the gun... (And you may be using an unfamiliar IDE, so assuming you make it to the sit-down phase, it's probably up to you to say which compiler / IDE you're using). Hell, it sounds as if you might have a decent shot if you can compile and execute "Hello World"!
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    The famous Atwood blog post isn't even describing people applying for summer internships. It's describing people who are applying for full-time jobs as programmers.
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    Nobody seems to have a good answer to my question...
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    1. Thanks for the appreciation.

    2. There is no "good" answer, if your definition of a "good" answer is a list of skills you need. Specifically, it depends on the place you want to do the internship with. Generally, you need to be at least proficient enough to make a small demo, like I originally said.
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    What is the domain your working in? What platforms are they working with and what platforms have you worked with? What is the culture of the place? What projects have you worked on (these include your own)?

    These are some good starting questions whose answers can lead to more specific ones.
  10. Sep 4, 2011 #9
    Internships varies from corps to corps buddy. In order for us to give to accurate information, tell us a bit about where precisely you planning to work for.
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