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What Software? (Math Graph, Math Equation, and Text Editor)

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    What software is used to create a text editor, math graph, and math equation such as below image?

    It seems the math graph is a vector illustration (not pixel), the math equation is not Latex, and they are integrated with the text editor.

    What software to create such as book?

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    Some publishers use professional typesetting software, while others make of of LaTeX (I have books on my shelf from Springer, OUP, and World Scientific, to name a few, that were obviously typeset in LaTeX). Note that LaTeX does not necessarily imply that the font is Computer Modern, so it can be hard to tell.

    To make figures, there are also lots of possibilities. There are plotting programs (gnuplot, Origin, Igor Pro), more general math programs (Mathematica, Matlab), and drawing software (Illustrator, Inkscape). The choice is endless.

    If you want to produce something similar, my advice would be to use LaTeX. There are many packages that will help in producing something looking very nice.
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    I think it's not a Latex, Do you know what software (math equation, math graph, and text editor) is exactly similar as this book?
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    I am also looking for help on this.

    I need to find something to create geometric shapes and diagrams. Graphs as well.

    Also a good LaTeX editor would be lovely.

    Any opinions would be appreciated.
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