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Job Skills What to create to show at an interview?

  1. Aug 15, 2011 #1

    I've applied for a .NET programming job where I'll be developing PC and web based applications within a bank. Also I will be responsible for administering and maintaining databases along with deploying and maintaining IIS.

    I'm curious as to what I could possibly create to show at the interview with the hiring manager. I've had two years of vb.net and only a semester of C# but I've been hearing that C# is becoming the new default .NET language of choice.

    If you were a hiring manager, what would jump out at you and tell you "this guy is for me" in terms of showing off a web application, PC app, etc? I'm trying to think of a program that will show off all aspects of the job but not have it be too complex as I only have a short time until the interview.

    Any suggestions would be great!
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    Might want to read this

    I would just build some varying basic web application examples. Anything they will have you work on will be extremely specific. So just show you are proficient in many of the .NET concepts. Nothing complex is needed. It's more important that you show you communicate well, are professional and have the ability to grasp company mechanics.
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