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Courses What type of courses/ education do I need for this project?

Already in my mind I envision designing, and to have produced a unique design of boat. I know right now from the get go, that my design is going to be simple, inexpensive, but I am going to give it that which will make it special. I will give it certain features that will make it very comfortable, exciting, beautiful.

I am trying to imagine how I would carry out this project, not exactly building it. The plan I have is to have the necessary background knowledge to know which materials are inexpensive but effective for certain parts of the boat. So my intention is to design the boat, with plans, and 3d computer models, take care of all the measurements, choose the right materials, and choose how it will all go together (screws and bolts, nails, or like Lego bricks, etc)

Finally, how would I have this boat built? It's a mystery to me who does this kind of job. Is there for example, a custom boat building company that will take all my designs and put it all together?

Perhaps there are different companies that work with different materials and each would play there own role in the process. I would contact the company that specializes in custom built windows, and give them the specifications for the windows I want. Than, there might be a company that specializes in custom fiber glass hulls, etc. etc.

But in conclusion, what types of education and courses teach you how to communicate with the people who have the technology, the means of fabrication, to have them build your unique item, like a boat in this case.
Does this knowledge come already with the "education package" if you will, of learning mechanical engineering?


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I'd say you need to go to school to be a Naval Architect/Engineer.
Most of your questions will be addressed there, including who builds boats, what materials to use, etc.
Already in my mind I envision designing, and to have produced a unique design of boat.
Boats have probably been around for at least 4000 years, so coming up with a unique design might be a tall order.

Over the years, boats have been constructed of wood, tree bark, skins filled with straw, seal skins wrapped around a wood or bone frame, steel, ferro-concrete, carbon fiber, plastics, and any number of other materials that I haven't thought of.

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