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What was the first joke ever told?

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    There had to be a first right?

    Any ideas on what it could have been about?
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    Wasn't it when Hebrew/Christian God created light of day before he made the Sun? The cheeky bastard.
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    Thag: My dinosaur has no nose.
    Zog: But then how does he smell?
    Thag: Terrible!
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    Who knows what the first joke was, but I clearly remember my daughter's first joke.

    She was in the back seat of the car, in her car seat. She was about 2.

    She said loudly, "HEY!"

    I said, "What?"

    She said, "HEY!", and giggled a little.

    I said, "What?", and she giggled some more.

    I looked back to see what was going on, and she was pointing to a piece of hay stuck to her shoe.

    But since puns require a fairly advanced grasp of language, I doubt the first joke ever was a pun.
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    "Two Amoeba walk out of a bar"
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