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What would happen when Blackholes Collide?

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    What would happen to the spacetime fabric when two super massive blackholes collide. I know that they would orbit each other and the would produce gravitational waves.
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    Why do you assume they would orbit each other? Can you not envision a situation in which they come pretty much straight at each other? Give that each would have enormous gravitational attraction, doesn't a collision seem more likely than orbiting?
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    They WOULD orbit each other and would get near to each other untill they finally collide, but this would be in a fraction of a millisecond. I am confirm about it as i have read it from a very authentic source but after the collision what would happen is a big question.
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    No it's not. After the collision they would merge.
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    Expanding on the subject of this thread. If we take the most simple scenario of two (uncharged, nonrotating) black holes of the same mass falling in towards each other with no angular momentum. How much of the original mass/energy of the black holes will be left in the combined black hole after the merger and how much mass/energy will be lost in the form of radiation? We assume that the two holes are falling in towards each other from being initally at rest with respect to each other and located (infinitely) far away from each other.

    Does the answer depend on the masses of the two black holes?
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    Yes they would but their gravity WILL cause them to orbit each other. otherwise the gravity of sun does not attract us but keep is in orbit, rotating not falling in that. We would only fall when the spacetime fabric is curve enough. This can be seen from equations of gravity, like moon orbits earth but the apple from tree falls to earth.
    And as agerhell has said some energy/mass would be lost as gamma radiation.

    yes it does depend on their mass but my question is about spacetime fabric not about them or their mass/energy.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Are you asking a question or answering it?
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