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What's the probability of someone's getting thunderstruck

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    What's the probability of someone's getting thunderstruck, I guess out in the wild it's more likely to occur than in the urban cities?
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    Re: ThunderStruck.

    In the USA, the probability , according to the National Weather Service, is in the order of 1 in 250,000 that you will be struck by lightning in a given year (that means that in a population of 250 million, 1000 people will be hit by lightning each year..(100 of whom will die)). You minimize your chances of getting struck by staying indoors during lightning storms; if outdoors, avoid open areas, fields, and tall trees, where by far there is the greatest chance of being hit. (You might also want to avoid Florida :wink:). If lightning approaches and you can't get to an enclosed shelter, don't go under a tree! Squat low to the ground, click your feet together, keep your head low, and cover your ears with your hands (to protect your hearing from the enormously intense sound of the thunder). Do not touch the ground with your hands (which would be tough to do if they're covering your ears!). In a lifetime, the chances are pretty good that you will personally know someone who has been struck by lightning. Stay clear!
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