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When are farenheit and kelvin numericaly equaly?

  1. Dec 4, 2005 #1
    15. [SFHS99 10.P.13.] At what Fahrenheit temperature are the Kelvin and Fahrenheit temperatures numerically equal?

    is that possible because kevlin will always be aroudn 200 greater anyway .. how do you do this
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    Do you know the relation between Fahrenheit and Kelvin? That is, do you know how to convert one into the other?
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    there is a temp when they are equal. I had it on a test sometime ago, and thought i was getting the wrong answer. use algebra.
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    what is the equation
    ? i dont have a f - k forumla
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    Surely you know the relationship between F and C, what is the relationship between K and C?
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    i got 164 but it wasnt right i have my homework online and it tells me if i wrong right away
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    How did you get 164? Show us the algebra.
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    what equations did you use?

    i lose.
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