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When do grad schools beginning to accept you?

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    So, I've been applying to several grad schools for Spring 2008. I'm graduating this semester Mid-December.

    ALL of the graduate schools I applied wants my final transcript before they can even begin reviewing my application. Is this how the graduate admissions work? How can I choose which graduate school I want to go to if my final grades won't come until Late December and when the Spring 2008 semester starts in Early January.

    I remember back in high school, you always know which university has accepted you by spring of your senior year. Are graduate schools different? It seems you have to wait a year in between graduating and then applying for grad school.
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    When I applied to graduate school that was starting in January, I received responses around October. I hope you at least looked to see if the schools you applied to accept students for January. Many only accept for the fall.

    Good luck!
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    The schools and departments I applied can accept for the Spring. Otherwise, I wouldn't (and couldn't) apply for those schools for the Spring 2008 semester =P.

    I did over 6 months of researching for these schools. The problem I have is why are they allowing me less than 2 weeks to choose a graduate school?
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    That puzzles me. For fall semester admission, they process applications and accept students long before the end of the preceding spring semester. There's no way they can get a final transcript in time for that.
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    have you spoken to the graduate student advisor at some of the departments you're applying to? They may be able to take your non-final transcript with your application. Then arrange with the transcripts office at your school to send out the final transcript as soon as they're available.
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    Perhaps they mean they can reverse the decision once they get your final transcript. Until then it is not "final".
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    I don't get it. So, I called one of the schools I'm applying to and they won't begin my application review until I actually get my degree. I won't be able to get my degree and proof of it until the week of December 18th. The school I called, starts their Spring 2008 classes on Jan. 7th. That's going to leave me about a week to choose which school I want to attend, and that's if they go through the application review in less than 2 weeks.

    It's kind of silly to send out acceptance letters with less than 2 weeks to choose a graduate school and move there.

    EDIT: I just called 2 other schools I'm applying too, they gave me the same answers.
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    I still think they mean the decision is not 100% final until you do receive your degree. I think they'll accept you and say something along, if you fail to graduate or your gpa drops blah blah they'll have to right to overturn this decision.
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