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News When I visit this forum I usually ask some questions on physics

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    When I visit this forum I usually ask some questions on physics and other sciences that aren't really clear to me as an individual, or I participate in some other people already started, but nevertheless - this is a place where serious physicists come also, so I think what I'm about to say is at its place.

    We are aware that western lands have all the intelectual means, the civilisational means, all the logistics and media powers to explaine to all the conflicting nations that there is absolutely no matter that is worth losing your personal life over because when you're dead your body doesn't mind really anything (let alone a matter you lost your life over...), so all the individual human beings should live that one life that has been given to him/her the best he/she can - seeking personal content (because nothing else really matters in this world) and of course thorough it maybe even helping human civilisation being developed (which became a highest human value thorough evolution). So - we can conclude that western lands are indeed capable of such (reasonable) endevour, HOW EVER -
    - we indeed see that western lands (somehow) always end-up 'CHOOSING' (PREFERING) the other method (how ever starnge it might sound, mind you!). So it's obvious that "something stinks there". Instead of reasonably convincing people (nations) that war (individuals (people) being killed over doubtfull political matters) is silly, even such higly civilisatized cultures (western, such as US of A.) prefere violent soulutions - no matter!

    ...And now we come to a purpose of what all this text is about: western lands by choosing the "people-being-killed" option instead of highly achievable approach of direct explanation of individualism and it's irreplacable highest values possible, we can conclude that in western lands there might be present a certain element of what is generally known in human phylosophical definitions as 'evil'.

    The point is: physicists should be aware of this (as well as people from other branches of science), because their scientific achivements (now it's becoming clear (especially in the field of artificial inteligence and robotics (which is becoming a reallity))) may be (miss)used by the above mentioned element. Then it becomes - literarily UNSTOPPABLE. (and that implies the virtualy unstopable economic, cultural and other types of hegemony which lead to feeling of injustice in the opponents that may cause the end of the world and entire human civilisation)

    So, scientists are the ones who must think about it (even the most innocent-looking scientific discovery may fill in the missing link to achieve radical practiacal break-thoroughs in technology that may be used as irationaly as today's technology is already used).
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    This is a bold assertion --- could you demonstrate that "western lands" have accomplished this dissemination of information internally, let alone identified a means to communicate such an idea across all cultures without compromising those cultures to which such an idea is anathema?

    Utopia. Fine. No argument. Greeks of the "golden age" had knife fights and hemlock drinking contests over which "utopia" should be pursued.

    Yup. You hit the nail right on the head. The USA in 200 some years has completely messed up the whole rest of the world. Think of it, 5% of the world's population in just 200 years has screwed up everything that the rest of the world's population has done over the past 4000 years!

    Fundamentalists and Luddites have presented the same argument in a variety of forms over the past, what, thousand years or so. This conclusion, "So, scientists are the ones who must think about it...," is, by the way, a contravention of the opening premise of the argument, "We are aware that western lands have all the intelectual means, the civilisational means, all the logistics and media powers to explaine to...," in implying that "the west, root of all evil," has the intellectual capacity to realize that it must stop all intellectual pursuits.
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    This isn't really a topic for political debate and I think Bystander has done a good job of adressing the topic.
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