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When people graduate from college & go to get a job

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    How do they not forget what they learned in college so that they can be good at their particular job. Say for example if someone earned a B.A. in engineering and then while looking for a job, how would that person make sure to remember what they learned in college so that they can be good at their job while they look to find one?

    How long would you think a person can be looking for a job until that person should be concerned about forgeting skills leanred in college (due to not working or using skills,) that they will need for that particular job?
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    I'm still a freshman but I think it's safe to say that the best way to maintain one's skills up to date is by training them regularly (whatever regularly means to anyone). Maybe by reviewing notes from college, going to seminars, attending graduate school, etc.

    Athletes, law enforcement officers, firefighters, military personnel, etc. generally train when not actively working in their areas of concern. Why should engineers be any different? After all, many employers demand explanations for significant periods of unemployment; "looking for a job" is not a solid justification.
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