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When the photon is born on the horizon .bang?

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    when the photon is born on the horizon.....bang?

    2 electrons are travelling around a black hole, after some time they meet themselves exactly at the horizon of the hole, generating a photon.

    if for fate the particle at the moment of be born has a perpendicular speed (opposed relative the center of the black hole), what happends to the photon?

    i'm not sure it falls down neither escape, if we suppose it to be at the matematical confine of the horizon , but it must anyway maintain his c speed.....:bugeye:
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    A photon strictly at or outside the event horizon can escape; a photon inside the event horizon cannot.

    - Warren
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    George Jones

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    No, the event horizon is a null hypersurface, so, if a photon is on the horizon, the best that it can do (in terms of "escaping") is to stay on the horizon.

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