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Where can i download electronic simulator

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    I need help. I want to download electronic simulator for my PC. Something that works just like- allcircuit simulator tool on android.
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    Just search the PF or Google for free SPICE download. I think LTSpice has a good free download, especially for students.
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    Thanks berkeman ....LPspice is cool .... Though still trying to get accustom to its tools
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    What are the differences between this spiceS ? @Foiwater
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    You will have to try them out and see - I don't use any of these I use multisim but it's limited especially if you are using the program for actual designs

    I've heard the best of the above is ngspice but I have no support for that claim
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    LTspice is at this point almost industry-standard for discrete analog design.
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    Have downloaded ngspice but the setup file seems to be missing in the package ... Maybe I don't know how to install it... I need help
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