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Where can I find a Potentiometer Panel-mount, single-turn, 2K linear

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    Hi guys I live in the UK and I was wondering if any of you knew a place where I could get hold of a Potentiometer Panel-mount, single-turn, 2K linear, 0.1 min. And it need be no more than 0.5w. The reason for this is because I cant find one on the internet in the UK without excessive postage for some reason (on place was £16 for a couple of grams worth) thanks a lot.

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    Thanks, I hate to say this but I'm a bit of an ammature will that do the same job as the one I described above and do you know any site from a UK seller where I could get the same kind of thing.

    Thank you.
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    Having just ordered a few minor components for a small project (all the stuff I used to own has gone), I'd agree with you that it is a real nightmare to buy specific items singly. It is always worth visiting Maplin shops (if there is one near you), who sell bags of assorted bits. They don't necessarily have just the values you want but it often is not all that critical and you can always peer into each bag of goodies to see what it has in it - they're all different.

    The above is rubbish advice if you are planning never to do any more construction but you may get a taste for it.
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    I notice they are 4 times the price and don't quote the postage. Ebay Australia quotes the postages all the time. This stops sellers selling the item cheap and then making it up on postage.

    I order from China and Hong Kong all the time. They are very worried about getting less than a 5 star rating so they give amazing service.
    I just got 20 Neodymium magnets delivered to Australia for $2.32 including postage.
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