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Where can I find more information about Plane Geometry?

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    Hey there

    I do study a textbook at School called Plane Geometry, it is about 3d dimensional figures, it starts with explaining Planes, points and lines, then It starts with theories, then I have to prove something like a line perpendicular to a plane and things like that. I googled Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry and many other things but I found nothing new.

    I found this website

    Anybody knows where can I find anything about this interesting topic?

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    What kind of "more" do you mean? Maybe you want a different or better textbook. Plane Geometry is one pathway to 3-dimensional cartesian coordinate Geometry or "Analytical Geometry" in three dimensions. Some courses on Plane Geometry include a brief introduction to Trigonometry, but Trigonometry is much more thoroughly developed either in a dedicated course on it or in a PreCalculus course.

    Depending on what more you wish to learn, you might enjoy a textbook on Intermediate Algebra, Trigonometry, or Pre-Calculus.
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    I meant by more a better textbook with the same level, something introductory.

    This book is great and looks interesting.

    Thanks guys for your help.
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