Where can i find quality '(not wikipedia) materialdata

  1. Hey, where can I find good quality '(not wikipedia) data on a metal material?

    Mainly I want as much data as possible about 11SMnPb30 + C (SS 1914). It is a leaded-cutting steel for mass production of parts where the requirements on the mechanical properties are low.

    Would also be nice to have a list / program where I can specify the thermal expansion and then get the materials proposed.

    much gratitude!
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  3. Have you tried www.matweb.com ?
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    The CRC (Chemical Rubber Company) Handbook:
    has been the best source of such information for years.
  5. You might look into the software program called CES edupack.
  6. matweb which was already mentioned. Plus if your looking for yield stresses mcmaster will normally provide that data also.
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