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Where can I find regulators and more?

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    I need a 5-volt regulator (78L05), a hall sensor (SS495), an op-amp (LM348), and a P-channel MOSFET (IRF4905)? I need all these things for a magnetic levitron that I'm going to build. Do I have to get those exact models? (They are specified on the website that has the circuit scheme for it http://www.bis0uhr.de/index.htm?htt...sicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=643270&page=3).
    Thanks for your help
    PS. Just so you know, I'm very new at all of this, so forgive me if all the things I'm asking are really obvious.
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    hi there :)

    the parts should be readily available from places like Mouser, Digikey, Element14 etc

    the 78L05 needs to be that else you wont get 5 Volts the difference between 78L05 and 7805 is just the package size

    the opamp could probably be varied a bit, the 741 is a very old one now the 348 a bit newer

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    Thanks very much, that's exactly the info I needed. Is mouser a reliable site?
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    Also, the IRF4905 isn't available. Would the IRF4905LPBF be OK? What difference does the LPBF make?
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    The part IRF4905LPbF is a HEXFET power mosfet transistor. Download the eleven-page data sheet at:


    Your part number suffix is for the TO-262 Package type. For a description of that see page ten of the datasheet.

    You should print the complete datasheet and study it carefully. Everything about that part you need to know is there. This helps your understanding and makes it easier in the future while selecting parts for your next projects.


    edit: Yes, Mouser is a reliable site to buy parts from. It's been around many years!
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