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Where can i get a good book on electric cars?

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    Where can i get a good book on electric cars??

    Does anyone knows a good book dedicated to electric cars???

    I mean, not a rigorous text book nor a colourful brochure....

    Thanks guys
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    I've seen a few on Amazon, you can preview what's inside them for at least 10-20 pages. A local Borders or B&N would be logical too.

    The big problem is the audience and the pace of technology. A book would have to be written in layman's langauge and leave out the complexities of battery usage or motor controllers. And a book written just a few years ago would likely dismiss LiOn or even NiMH as being too expensive (granted they are still not competitive with lead-acid) and sources to procure the equipment change wildly.

    The scarcity of hybrid cars (lots of models, low production numbers though) today and the removal of the only mass-produced electric car (EV1 from GM) says a lot about the viability of the technologies on a large scale. And if you just look at the raw energy cost, electricity is more expensive than gasoline, so the efficiency is really important from a value standpoint.
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    I found this book called

    ""The Electric Car: Development and Future of Battery, Hybrid and Fuel-Cell Cars (Iee Power & Energy Series, 38) (Hardcover)""

    on amazon, anyone think its any good???
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