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Where Can i Get Basic aircraft Maintenance BOOK

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    I am new here and i am so glad to be member here
    i am new graduates from aeronautical academy and hope to get work in any airline in the world (need fresh graduation):grumpy: but most of the airlines need experience over 5 Y :smile: pray for me to get work

    and i am looking for free book on the net about Basic aircraft Maintenance BOOK
    it any 1 here can help where can i get this

    wait ur reply
    eng.ahmed shawki

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    Ah yes. I saw your posts over on Eng-Tips.

    I don't know of any free resources like that. You can start by looking for trade magazines like AMT that are free on-line:
    http://www.amtonline.com/digiarchives.jsp [Broken]

    It's not really clear what it is you hope to do for an airline.
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    thank man

    thankx man soo much for ur reply and what i want to do in airlines is To work as aircraft maintenance engineer
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    how is your carrer as an aircrat maintenance engineering going?

    just thought, better late than never, that there are a few useful resources ONLINE and FREE at this http://rgl.faa.gov" [Broken]if you're still intersted.

    I still use these from time to time when studying for my type exams or just for a bit of a refersher

    go to "Regulation and Guides"
    AC65-12 Airframe
    AC65-9A Airframe
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