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Where do I start in my career for physics?

  1. Jan 15, 2014 #1
    Good Morning everyone and thanks for taking the time to look at (and hopefully) reply to my thread!

    I am a US marine and my only choices of colleges are currently online. I have almost 4 years left on my contract (out of 6) so I defintely want to get a head start in my dream of being a quantum physicst.

    I've searched google for hours but I rather ask real people with real experience

    My questions are these;
    Is there anyway to receive a bachelor's degree in physics online?
    IF NOT
    What degrees should I start going into to jump start me acquiring a physics degree?
    ie; mathmetics, energy, etc

    Sources and suggestions are greatly appreciated

    Thanks again!
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    I don't know of any physics bachelor's online, but the lower division math classes you can do online. How much math have you taken? You'll need a solid understanding of algebra and trig before you start calculus.
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    Do yourself a favor, and something I wished I would have done while I was enlisted and knock out as many GE requirements as possible with TA. Do not under any circumstance use your GI bill while in the service, you're going to want that when you go to university after your tour. English, social sciences, remedial math, humanities and arts are all classes you can do online, hopefully with TA.

    Are you at Camp Pendleton? If so you can also talk to your chain of command about enrolling in Palomar Community College, they have some kind of deal worked out with them to make using TA and attending in person classes easier. That’s if your command is kosher with it of course. If you can do that, then you will also know that the classes you’ve completed are articulated with the California UC system.

    Save the physics for after you’re done, so you can really focus on it and just knock out all those GE requirements so you can smoothly get out and get into university without too much of a headache.
  5. Jan 17, 2014 #4
    No I am overseas at the moment in the Americas
    I'll defintely take General Studies adhering to physics! Thanks a lot! it feels good to start it
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