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Where I can check if my formula is new?

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    Hello, I found a Math formula, not long time ago, I went to a journal centre, there I was told that I need to check if my formula is new, or was already discovered, they said that it's not their job to check that. So, what I'm supposes to do?
    Also, is there a website/map that can show all my near journals?
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    If you have to ask these questions, the most probable scenario is that you either have not discovered something new or that what you have is fundamentally misguided, trivial, or not of very large interest.

    The way scientists communicate new results is through publishing in peer reviewed journals. In order to understand what is in those journals you will typically need scientific training in the particular field in the form of a PhD - scientists train for several years (closer to a decade) before being able to make novel contributions. The bottom line is that it is essentially impossible to make a contribution unless you know the current state of the field. To know the current state of the field you would have to be reading (and understanding) the material published in the very same journals you should try to publish in, which is why anyone who asks the question "where should I publish?" is likely to not have something publishable.
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    Thanks, it's helpful.
    Also, I'll follow your advices.
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