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Where to buy photoresist for photolithography?

  1. Feb 1, 2016 #1
    Typically, I should ask an expert in photolithography about this, but, there are barely photolithographic engineer in our department so I decided to ask experts here.

    Where do you usually buy a reliable photoresist, what company in particular?
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    Here's a pretty comprehensive list. Are you in the USA?

    http://www.cleanroom.byu.edu/resistmanufacturers.phtml [Broken]

    Keep in mind that you will probably need to treat this as a hazardous material (store in an approved chemical cabinet, keep the MSDS at the cabinet, etc.). And your process needs to be approved by your local government agency to be sure you are handling the material correctly and are disposing of the waste materials properly.
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    Ditto on the cautions recommended by berkemann. Some of the solvents used in photoresists are known to cause cancer and birth defects. Be careful handling this stuff!
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    I am from Philippines, thanks for giving me trustable companies.

    I never though, the chemical would be this difficult to handle, I guess I got to consult our local implementing bodies.

    Thanks for giving me the caution, could you recommend the safest kind of photoresist?
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