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Where to buy premeasured, precut, prebent breadboard wire?

  1. Jan 31, 2015 #1
    At various lengths and the ends already bent at right angles?
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    I would be astonished if you could. It could not come in "premeasured" lengths; the number of possible lengths needed for even a modestly-sized breadboard would be enormous.

    Why would you want to? Surely a roll of wire and a pair of cutters is infinitely simpler.
  4. Feb 1, 2015 #3
    Basically want to shorten time in lab significantly cutting wires and then realizing I am a bit too short or a bit too long if I want to stay relatively flat, neat, and compact. And use more straight flat wire connections than large rainbow archs.

    It is true that the number of lengths are great but for densely packed and relatively simple breadboards you may use lengths of 2,3,4,5,6, 7 pretty often

    I know I could sit down for a few hours and try to crank out some wire lengths

    Perhaps not wires but solid plastic or rectangular shapes of this exist?

    I feel like something like this should exist. If no one has heard of it here, I might look around a bit more often

    If anyone would like to say "do it yourself/get better at eyeballing/cutting fast" I can't disagree with that at all and of course that it was I am doing now but I'd appreciate it if that wouldn't be posted here so I can continue the search and the forum thread doesn't autodie at the first "just get better at cutting" message.
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    What's the matter? You can't train a lab monkey or graduate student to prepare your wire for you? ;)
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    with one of those spring-loaded clamp-and-strip tools, creating your own is pretty trivial
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    1. Is there another name for that?

    2. What allows the thing you mentioned to reliably create same length stripped wires and bent 90 degree metal ends?

  8. Feb 1, 2015 #7


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    It doesn't bend the ends and to get the length to what you want YOU have to do the precise cutting. all the tool does is make the stripping very fast, accurate, and reliable.

    This one doesn't have a plastic clamps that mine has but I think the metal does the same gripping job:


    EDIT: Oh, and I just realized that this one also does not have the stop. Mine has an adjustable stop, so all you have to do is stick the wire in 'til it butts up against the stop, squeeze the handles and you're done. You get the same amount of insulation removed every time and it's guaranteed not to nick the wire.
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