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How to use the arduino breadboard syb 46?

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    Hello , everyone! Recently I've bought the arduino board with the arduino breadboard syb 46

    The problem is I don't understand how to use it. I can't understand the scheme of this model of breadboard, where is plus and minus, where is ground , etc. I've already watched a lot of videos about arduino breadboards on youtube but I found no videos about this arduino breadboard model I 'm asking about help, because the absence of needed information very frustrates me so I can't begin to work on arduino

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hello Ivy and welcome...

    In your link - all of the top single row ( 20 points) is one common connection ( frequently called a bus) - then all of the bottom row is another.

    Then each vertical column of 5 ( not 10) is each a common connection. Each black line is a separate "bus" or connection. I only did 3 of the columns - you should get the point.

    Most commonly the top and bottom rows are used as the DC + and DC - bus, for basic circuits.


    Edit - a google image search for " breadboard layout " works well. You will see they are not all identical - but pretty much all have the same concept.
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    When you wire these types of breadboards up you will want to check that the top and bottom bus bars are connected all of the way through. Sometimes the bus bars are wired into multiple separate domains. I believe in this case they are continuous.

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