What is Breadboard: Definition and 39 Discussions

A breadboard, or protoboard, is a construction base for prototyping of electronics. Originally the word referred to a literal bread board, a polished piece of wood used when slicing bread. In the 1970s the solderless breadboard (a.k.a. plugboard, a terminal array board) became available and nowadays the term "breadboard" is commonly used to refer to these.
Because the solderless breadboard does not require soldering, it is reusable. This makes it easy to use for creating temporary prototypes and experimenting with circuit design. For this reason, solderless breadboards are also popular with students and in technological education. Older breadboard types did not have this property. A stripboard (Veroboard) and similar prototyping printed circuit boards, which are used to build semi-permanent soldered prototypes or one-offs, cannot easily be reused. A variety of electronic systems may be prototyped by using breadboards, from small analog and digital circuits to complete central processing units (CPUs).
Compared to more permanent circuit connection methods, modern breadboards have high parasitic capacitance, relatively high resistance, and less reliable connections, which are subject to jostle and physical degradation. Signaling is limited to about 10 MHz, and not everything works properly even well below that frequency.
A common use in the system on a chip (SoC) era is to obtain an microcontroller (MCU) on a pre-assembled printed circuit board (PCB) which exposes an array of input/output (IO) pins in a header suitable to plug into a breadboard, and then to prototype a circuit which exploits one or more of the MCU's peripherals, such as general-purpose input/output (GPIO), UART/USART serial transceivers, analog-to-digital converter (ADC), digital-to-analog converter (DAC), pulse-width modulation (PWM; used in motor control), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), or I²C.
Firmware is then developed for the MCU to test, debug, and interact with the circuit prototype. High frequency operation is then largely confined to the SoC's PCB. In the case of high speed interconnects such as SPI and I²C, these can be debugged at a lower speed and later rewired using a different circuit assembly methodology to exploit full-speed operation. A single small SoC often provides most of these electrical interface options in a form factor barely larger than a large postage stamp, available in the American hobby market (and elsewhere) for a few dollars, allowing fairly sophisticated breadboard projects to be created at modest expense.

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    Need pointers on how to convert schematic to breadboard

    Hello. I am supposed tolearn how to assemble the following circuit into a breadboard/protoboard but My attempts have all failed So I want to ask yyou how would you assemble his into a breadboard assuming that V and A are multimeters set to the previous(V and A) . how can I get the gist on...
  2. Purpleshinyrock

    Help me understand how this breadboard works?

    Hello. I am trying to replicate my first lab class and I was having troule the whole time , the teacher has to attend to other students i ended up not understanding fully what i needed to do. questions I have: what wires connect on the v(multimeter )and (A )multimeter with the resistance .Heres...
  3. B

    Engineering Drawing the Schematic for a Circuit I built on a Breadboard

    Here is the circuit i have built on a breadboard (link) - Breadboard circuit i am now trying to draw the circuit for this but struggling Hi, I have built this circuit on a breadboard and have tried to draw it out but I am pretty sure its not right, needs to include- 741 amplifier,transisitor...
  4. Samama Fahim

    Calculating the Thevenin's Resistance of a Breadboarded Circuit

    How would we calculate the Thevenin's resistance for the above circuit? The right answer for this circuit is 1.5 kOhm. $$R_{567} = R_7 + (R_5 \parallel R_6) = .5 + .67 = 1.2 k\Omega$$ $$R_{34567} = R_3 + (R_4 \parallel R_{567}) = 1 + .75 = 1.75 k\Omega$$ $$R_{TH} = R_1 + (R_2 \parallel...
  5. hugo_faurand

    Need help with MOSFETs and photoresistors

    Hello everyone ! At High School I have to make a little robot which is steerable with light. It has 2 photoresistors, if a photoresistor received light it switches on a motor. That allows us to go leftward or rightward. But, I have a problem. I don't manage to link every components between us...
  6. OrlandoLewis

    How to toggle and latch using logic gates?

    We're implementing Dots and Boxes to logic circuits and the we would like to automate the process of changing turns. If you know the game, the game changes turn when one move doesn't score a point or form two or more boxes. I was able to create overlapping XOR gates that alternates from high to...
  7. G

    Op-amp circuits and noise at high frequency/low amplitude

    Hi everyone. I am tasked with amplifying an input voltage of around 1nA at anywhere between 10,000kHz to 1MHz to a sufficient amount. We've been using op-amps in multiple stages in series to amplify the signal. At our disposal we have a function generator, oscilloscope, breadboard and...
  8. G

    Op-amps, noise and high frequency/low current input signal

    Hello everyone, In my lab class we've been given task of using op-amps to amplify a current of 1nA and frequency of order of madnitude 1MHz to a discernable level. We've been given breadboards, a selection of different op amps, resistors, an oscilloscope etc to achieve this task. We've made...
  9. K

    Connect a circuit on breadboard

    I am learning how to connect a BJT circuit on breadboard.I find this tutorials https://backyardbrains.com/experiments/transistorDesign#prettyPhoto If I want to remove all the input components ,I connect to a power supply How to connect the circuit to the ground and provide +9V to the circuit ?
  10. M

    How to use Logic gate in Breadboard circuit?

    I am a High school student, I have read about Logic gates but when it comes to practical use I am confused. I am building a small project where I want to use OR and AND gate, but I don't know In which form they are available in the market, how to connect them on breadboard and how to power them...
  11. L

    Clever Method/tool remove wire from breadboard no distortion?

    Distortion I mean -> bending, curling Basically, I'll pull out a wire with my finger nail or a single claw from the oscilloscope probe. Unless the wire is short, it will often bend or distort in the process. There must be a much smarter way to do this. One way I thought was if there was someway...
  12. ivyacheslav

    How to use the arduino breadboard syb 46?

    Hello , everyone! Recently I've bought the arduino board with the arduino breadboard syb 46 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4BDjpN_PwarV3VJMU84R2RUS0E/view?usp=sharing.The problem is I don't understand how to use it. I can't understand the scheme of this model of breadboard, where is plus and...
  13. L

    Where to buy premeasured, precut, prebent breadboard wire?

    At various lengths and the ends already bent at right angles?
  14. STEMucator

    First time using a breadboard

    I want to build a circuit consisting of an oscillator, capacitor, and resistor connected in series. I've never used a breadboard before though, and I want to make sure nothing goes wrong. From what I understand, I need to wire the +ve of the oscillator in series with the capacitor and resistor...
  15. P

    How to design home use wacky talky circuit on breadboard?

    I want to design a simple home use electronic wacky talky. Please help.
  16. gfd43tg

    Instrumentation Amplifier Breadboard layout

    Homework Statement I need to set up a blueprint for my instrumentation amplifier on a breadboard shown on page 5 of the attached document Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm not sure how 2 op-amp chips will make 3 op-amps for the instrumentation amplifier. I'm also not sure how...
  17. U

    Circuit Design Struggle - Diagram and Breadboard Setup

    As an ME major I am less than comfortable with circuit design, so I have been banging my head against a circuit I need to layout on breadboard for a couple hours now. Below is a link to a diagram of the desired circuit, as well as a picture of the breadboard setup I am using. Diagram and...
  18. Tesladude

    Troubleshooting an Audio Amp on a Breadboard

    Hello, I am trying to make an audio amp on my breadboard, for fun I guess. But it's not working! I am running off of this circuit of the lm1875...
  19. S

    Need help locating a project box with breadboard

    I did some quick searches and couldn't find what I was looking for. I found plenty of project boxes, but I didn't find any project boxes with a breadboard combination for sale. I just need to make a circuit inside of a box using capacitors or inductors. Very simple but it has to look...
  20. mishima

    AC Current Circuits on Breadboard: Is a Kit Function Generator Worth it?

    I was wanting to get some hands on experience with AC current circuits. I have been tinkering with DC circuits on a breadboard and was wondering what the best way to get AC on a breadboard would be. I can't really spend 200+ on a function generator. I might spend 30 or so on a kit function...
  21. N

    Wire connects ipod to breadboard

    Homework Statement I built an amplifier in the breadboard so I want to test it out. I know there is a type of wire that one side can connect to the ipod and the other side separate into power (red in color) and ground ( black in wire) But I forgot the name of the wire, so I want to ask if...
  22. C

    Breadboard Mania: Spinning My DC Motor

    This is only my second time using a breadboard, so bear with me. I have 4 resistors(black with silver stripe) and one small DC rotating motor. My goal is to get the DC motor to spin, yet I don't understand the diagram that I have including in the posting. Any advice would definitely be...

    Capacitive coupling on breadboard

    I have read that between breadboard nodes there can be as much as 25 pF of capacitance. I have a much better time understanding how parasitic induced voltages work, with respect to magnetic fields. I have a much harder time understanding how signals can become noisy due to parasitic...
  24. G

    How to connect function generator software on laptop to breadboard?

    I'm using a software to generatre sine waves for my op amp circuit. I know you have to use the headphone jack to output the signal, but I don't know how I would go about connecting my headphones to my circuit. The problem is I don't know how I have to cut my headphone wire for ground and etc...
  25. N

    Having trouble lighting up LED in a breadboard.

    I've got some D.C power supply connected to my breadboard, and there is definitely current going through it as I've put some resistors in series and parallel and checked the values on the multimeter vs my calculations and it seems to be alright. Now I put in a 5mm LED in series with a 100 ohm...
  26. L

    Model a Breadboard in Simulator: Capacitance & Inductance

    How do I model a breadboard in simulator. The capacitance, inductance. For example, if I place a DIP part on breadboard, how much capacitance should I add between the pins in the model? I think the typical capacitance is 2pf for adjacent pins. What about pins that are 3 pins apart?
  27. M

    How to design a plants watering watcher on a breadboard

  28. PainterGuy

    What is this breadboard looking thing called?

    hi everyone, would you tell me what is this breadboard looking thing called? http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/3985/breadboard.jpg i searched for reasons why breadboard is called breadboard but did not find any answers. do you know reasons? many thanks for any help you can give...
  29. J

    Looking for a push button breadboard switch

    Can anyone recommend a push button switch that fits into a breadboard from mouser.com? I just want a push button switch that I can use to switch between Vcc and ground to use as the clock for a counter, but there are so many switches on mouser and I'm not sure which one to get. Can anyone help?
  30. G

    Can I use a DIY cord for audio input on my breadboard?

    So I have to build a boombox using transistors as amplifiers for my Engineering Electronics class in college and it works and everything. The only thing I have a question about is I want to make my own cord to use my iphone as the audio input signal that is to be amplified. At the lab they have...
  31. A

    Arrange LEDs on a Breadboard: Solve SSUET Glowing Problem

    I want to arrange LEDs on a breadboard want to glow SSUET entirely with LEDs. The problem is that I am unable to understand the accurate arrangements to make the circuit. All of my LEDs are not glowing at the same time. Can anyone please explain me the procedure of designing of the...
  32. I

    How do I choose and set up a breadboard for simple circuits?

    Help buying first breadboard :) As a current undergraduate computer engineer, sophmore division, I still have quite a way to go but I want to start putting things together in front of me more physically on the home front...nothing massive just some simple circuits to start with such as...
  33. L

    Constructing Logic Gates on a Breadboard

    I've been reading articles on logic gates and What I want to do before I get to school is familiarize myself with what individual components are used in making those individual gates on say a breadboard.I keep searching for it on the web but it just gives me the schematic symbols and not what...
  34. T

    Can SMD components be used on a breadboard with a cheap soldering iron?

    I'd like to breadboard a surface mount IC for testing. Is there some type of connector that can be purchased to plug the IC into which will provides wire leads for breadboarding? Failing that, I guess I could try to solder leads to the IC. But at 3mm x 3mm and 10 pins, I think that's next to...
  35. A

    Do TO-220 package MOSFETs fit on a breadboard?

    More specifically, do the leads on a TO-220 package MOSFET (http://www.alliedelec.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?SKU=273-1185&MPN=IRF640NPBF&R=273-1185&SEARCH=273-1185&DESC=IRF640NPBF?utm_source=Allied&utm_medium=merchandising&utm_campaign=Allied_Top_Sellers&utm_content=273-1185") fit in the...
  36. W

    Need a countdown timer that I can breadboard

    Guys, I need a simple timer that will count down from 1-20 seconds and then have a continuous output of high to run a electric motor. And time can easily be adjusted (potentiometer?) Ive been playing with 555 timers and timer circuits from diagrams of "555 timer" through google, but...
  37. H

    Calculating Power for all IC's on a Breadboard

    Hi, I have a few breadboards with many IC's - analog and digital. How can I estimate the total power consumption? I know P = IV = I^2/R. Is it just my overall supplied source * total current consumption? I'm currently supplying my breadboards with a single power source, and using voltage...
  38. G

    Learn How to Implement Equations on a Breadboard | Intro to Logic Lab Help

    So I am taking intro to logic and our first lab has to do with implementing equations on a breadboard. I understand the equations and I get how a breadboard works. this might be a dumb question but what does it mean to implement an equation on a breadboard? do you wire it up and then make a LED...
  39. R

    How can I power my breadboard setup with a 5Vdc transformer?

    Hi, I have a simple breadboard setup with an inverter IC, LEDs, etc. I have a GND/Vcc wire, now I need something that I can send +4.5v through. mY professor mentioned I can use three 1.5 double A batteries in series, but how would I go about doing this? What tools do I need? This is...