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I Where to place fixed axis of rotating motor

  1. Mar 19, 2017 #1
    is there a fixed angle between the fixed axis of a motor to the torque applied opposite to the motor rotation?
    an example is if i am using and electric screw driver to rotate a spiral screw in stable piece of wood on the floor, what should be my fixed frame if the screwdriver is I shaped and pointing down. how should i know my fixed frame and can my fixed frame be applied by weight of my hand on the screwdriver not in the opposite direction of rotation or it has to be applied by putting torque (weight) opposite to the rotation motion. i'm trying to design a hand drill like the screwdriver without a fixed frame, so i was wondering if it is possible. assume that the bit of the screwdriver is in contact with the wood( inside it) can i apply weight on top of the screwdriver to overcome the torque of the wood on the bit or it has to be applied with radius. i know that torque is force x radius but is there any other way to apply torque without radius?
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    I there a way to make force x 0 not equal to 0 ?
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    An axial force can be used to generate a torque if there is an intermediate mechanism . The most common mechanism is the one used in so called 'automatic' screwdrivers where a nut is pushed along a long pitch helix . Many varieties of detail design .


    A watchmakers drill uses the same principle . Sometimes called an Archimedean drill . Again many varieties of detail design .

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    You still must apply a torque to those tools, which you cannot do without a lever arm (as the OP wants to).
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