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Studying Where to study for UG Physics? (from India)

  1. Mar 22, 2016 #1
    Hello to everyone out there!
    Let me explain my situation. I am currently studying in India, with my Final year of high-school left to complete. I have been interested in Physics since Glade 7, fascinated with phenomenons like Quantum tunneling and Entanglemnet(thanks to Science Fiction for that :-p). Now I have decided to get myself involved in research in Physics in future.
    My problem: I personally don't believe that doing BSc Physics in India is a good choice(You can comment about that too; open for suggestions). So I am planning to go overseas for this. But I can't figure out clearly how to select the university/college for my studies. So can you help me in deciding about that?Is there any colleges you recommend? If so, why?
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    one should not underestimate the 'physics studies in India'- in the sense that there are good IIT's offering physics courses and some leading universities - but as you opted for overseas then try for the leading ones-internationally.
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    While I am still a school student, IISc (Indian Institute of Sciences) offers a pretty renowned research-oriented UG course (which should help in an academic career). CMI and IISER's also have UG courses in physics (CMI has a joint physics-mathematics UG course). Apart from the IIT's mentioned above, these are some options in India.
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    Also note that amongst IITs, IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras have strong and reputed physics departments. CMI, IISc and IISERs, as mentioned above, are very good options to pursue UG in physics.
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    Thanks to all here for the reply :-).
    I used to hear that while studying abroad, the students get quite a lot of research experience, the institutes hosting quite a lot of research experiments and the people in it being in close contact or are involved in the scientific community. Do we get that same level of exposure here?
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    From my personal experience (as a graduate student) I think that the research environment of the Universities and Institutes mentioned above provide the "same level of exposure" as that of universities abroad, at least in theoretical physics. In some sense you might even acquire an edge by doing BS from India. So consider these options seriously by going through their program site and talking to the students and scientists there.
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