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Which Addressing Mode is this? MOV DX, ES:[BX+6]?

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    For 8086 assembly language.
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    This is known as the segmented model. In this model as far as I know segments overlap every so many bytes (i think its 16 or some power of it). So basically A000:0000 and A001:0000 are not 64Kb apart but actually overlap.
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    x:y = 16*x+y

    Unless my memory fails me.
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    umm.. im thinking if it's register addressing mode, immediate addressing mode, direct addressing mode, register indirect mode or others..
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    displacement + indirect (register)

    it can also be written as

    mov dx,es:6[bx]

    where 6 could be an 8 bit or 16 bit displacement (offset).

    operand = 16 bit memory word at address [es*16 + bx + 6]
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    Wow. I never knew there are combined ones. Ok, thank you very much. =)
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