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Which classes to take to finish minor in mathematic sciences?

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    So, I've decied to major in Computer Science w/ a minor in Mathematical Sciences; however, I'm in a dilemma. I need to choose 3 more classes (out of the list below; I've already chosen the other 4 classes) and I'm not sure which ones I should take to make myself more "marketable" and a better computer scientist. With that said, which 3 do y'all think best suit my career goals and desires:

    MATH 246 Differential Equations
    MATH 301 Concepts of Real Analysis I
    MATH 381 Operations Research
    MATH 402 Algebraic Structures
    MATH 450 Logic for Computer Science
    MATH 463 Complex Variables
    MATH 466 Numerical Analysis

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'd pick 246, 450, and 466.

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    I would pick 381, 402, 450. Why? Operations research is more useful than differential equations, because many algorithms involve techniques from OR. Algebra is also very important for discrete math, which is important for combinatorial algorithms and lots of other stuff. Finally, every serious CS student needs to know logic.

    I don't know why a CS student would want to study differential equations or numerical analysis. At the very least, I don't see the benefit over algebra and OR.
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    I'd tend to lean towards Diff. Eq, Operations Research and the Logic of Computer Science classes. I'd also tend to try to find out from other students who is teaching the course, what text is used, etc., to try to make an informed decision for your particular cases.
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    Thanks for the help thus far y'all. I'm currently trying to find out which books each course utilizes, but so far, only a few of them are being taught this semester. And the only books you can look at are for the current semester.

    Thanks again.
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