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Courses Which course should I do to study advanced nanotechnology?

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    Which course should I do to study "advanced" nanotechnology?


    By "advanced" I mean futuristic concepts like nanorobotics, micro/nano electromechanical systems, programmable matter, metamaterials, etc.. Right now I am studying nanotechnology as part of the BSc (Uni of Western Australia), however I am having second thoughts. The degree is just basically physics (which I like), however the two units entitled "nanotechnology" are just chemistry lab safety and microscopy (sorta leaning towards the nanomaterials/chemistry side of things, which I DON'T like).

    So I'm thinking about withdrawing from the nanotech course and doing a double major in Mechatronics engineering (BE) and physics (BSc). I only have a week left to make my decision, as the academic withdrawal date is getting closer and closer.

    Is this a good move? Will I be able to apply the electrical, mechanical and computer science concepts I learn in Mechatronics to these futuristic nano concepts? Or is it a better idea to stick with the nanotech degree?
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    Re: Which course should I do to study "advanced" nanotechnology?

    Sorry for the double post, but I just thought I'd mention that my uni offers training courses in microscopy (SEM, TEM, SPM etc), so the unit I'm studying (and thinking about dropping) is really just the theory behind it. Basically if I withdraw from nanotech I can learn about microscopy, which is necessary for nanotechnology.
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