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Which engineering branch should i choose ?

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    Which engineering branch should i choose!!!???

    i want to do undergraduate degree from india in engineering and post graduate course from america. Since i was small i was interested in space technology, so what are the branches (apart from aerospace and aero nautical ) in which i can further do specialization in space technology>>>>
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    Re: Which engineering branch should i choose!!!???

    Why apart from aerospace and aeronatucal? Obviously these are the most relevant. Depending on the problem you want to work on, however, you can take other branches. There are mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and mechatronics areas of work available in 'space technology'. Engineers may work on things like satellite design and testing, have a look at the website for the company SELEX Galileo. They have a satellite output of around 2 per year to give you an idea of the scale of project. They also have some company profiles in the recruitment section so you can see what subjects other employees have graduated in.
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    Re: Which engineering branch should i choose!!!???

    I did got to their website but I'm afraid that it was of not much use !!
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    Re: Which engineering branch should i choose!!!???

    The way these things work is that you pick a branch based on what you can get (if you're entering on the basis of engineering entrance exam rankings) and what your impression of your interests are. If physics is what interests you the most, electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering will be interesting. Space technology is interdisciplinary, so you can't go wrong with either choice.
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