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Which engineering branch to take?

  1. Feb 28, 2013 #1
    which engineering branch to take??

    I am thinking about which engineering branch to take up . I love physics and mathematics . I have shortlisted 4 engineering majors that i liked after looking up its courses on ocw.mit.edu
    electronics engineering
    aerospace engineering
    computer science
    nuclear engineering

    which major should i take up ?..
    Also as most aerospace engineers work in govt projects like in DEFENSE,NASA etc...........as i am not a US citizen ( I am going to go to US for college ) Would it affect my job oppurtunities as a AEROSPACE ENGINEERING MAJOR or can i still work at US DEFENSE , NASA etc....
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    Re: which engineering branch to take??

    Take a look at the invidual courses involved in each programme and see which you like more.

    As for your future career ambitions, I would suggest putting those aside, reconsider them when you're in your 3'rd year at the university.
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