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Which is worse: Cigars or Cigarettes

  1. Nov 16, 2006 #1
    I know what you all are going to say: They are both bad for you!!! But I want to find out which one is really worse for you.

    I of course know that smoking one cigar is worse than smoking one cigarette. But I was wondering what would be worse: smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, or smoking one cigar a day?
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    cigarettes are worse
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    They are both bad for you!!!

    I strongly advise against both, as they can kill you.
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    Well.. i heard a cigar is like 10 cigarettes... so i take it cigars are worse :P
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    Cigar smokers generally dont inhail, whether that makes a difference or not I dont know.
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    Ya, I forgot to mention that.

    I also forgot to mention that I am asking this question since I recently started smoking cigars (I am sure most of you realized that already from the way the post was written). But I don't inhale. And yes, I know it is still bad. They are both bad; we can all agree on that. But does anyone have any factual info on the health difference between cigarettes and cigars?
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    You can find lots of facts on the internet. I think cigar smokers (who don't inhale) possess a greater oral cavity cancer (of any kind) potential. Inhaling any type of cigar is pure madness. Further on, I think it looks pretty stupid, specially if you're younger, but suit yourself.
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    How the hell do you know I am younger. I could easilly be in my early 130's for all you know.

    Hey, do you like the deftones?
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    I said, if you're younger. It's only a possibility. :smile:
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    Good. Because I am in fact 132 years YOUNG. Hey, homes, do you like Deftones? And more important, do like Beastie Boys?
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    I think it is gross that Havana cigars are rolled into shape on the thighs of Cuban women.
    So, just cigarettes for me.
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    Cuban's are lovely... I only smoke 'em at special occasions, like new Year. Takes me a good few hours to finish them.
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    Other areas are probably different. Here, it's the addatives in cigarette tobacco that make them worse. I always inhale cigars and pipes when I smoke them, but that's just because they aren't too far removed from the unfiltered cigarettes that I use. I pretty much gave up both of them with the advent of the emphysema because they're too harsh. Still working on the cigarette thing. :rolleyes:
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    Cigars, not inhaled.
    Approximately 50% of people with oral cancer will live more than 5 years after diagnosis and treatment. If the cancer is detected early, before it has spread to other tissues, the cure rate is nearly 75%. Unfortunately, more than 50% of oral cancers are advanced at the time the cancer is detected. Most have spread to the throat or neck.

    Lung cancer is the most lethal of cancers worldwide, causing up to 3 million deaths annually. Only one in ten patients diagnosed with this disease will survive the next five years.

    So its just a matter of chooseing which way you perfer to die. I have seen the bodies from both kinds of deaths, neither is very pretty.
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    What the #$!% do you do for a living!:bugeye:
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    What about pipe smoking? Not that I'd consider it... I don't smoke... I just sometimes like the smell of someone who does. A mild cigarette smoke reminds me of a good girl-friend, stronger cigarettes of some European pals, etc... and well, I was walking down the street this past week and someone on the other sidewalk was smoking a pipe... and I inhaled the smell of some memories... and it was kinda nice. Could I encourage someone to smoke an occasional pipe without enormous amounts of guilt? I already know a few guys that smoke an occasional cigar. Cigars vs. pipe? Anyone know?
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    My dad smoked a pipe and I bought him a humidor for his pipe tobacco, it smelled so good.

    I know someone that smokes a pipe and he doesn't believe me that it won't bother me. There is so much difference between cigarette and pipe smoke.
  19. Nov 17, 2006 #18
    in that case I would advise chocolate with sigar taste.
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    *thinks how cigars look* Ah! So Cuban women are all pirates with peg legs!
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    as a freshman in college i was pontificating about the evils of drinking when a friend pointed out: "you smoke. thats worse for you than drinking." i never knew that, having been "educated" by self righteous right wing religious morons.

    as a grown man with serious lung problems, i suggest dropping both cigars and cigarettes.
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