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Which Major? Physics or Mech. Engineering?

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    Greetings, I'm entering my first semester as an undergraduate student with a major in Physics. I enjoy learning about various applications of Physics and using mathematics to solve certain problems arising from such, and I'm just wondering which major has the best career options after earning a Bachelor's degree.
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    As much as I love studying and learning about pure Physics, I am just worried about my career options after I attain a Bachelor's degree. I'm already enrolled in a Materials Science course this semester as an elective, just in case I need it later on in my studies.
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    You should be, because there aren't many. Not many that will be unique to your degree that is. The regular ol' jobs that require any degree at all will of course be open to you.
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    I know where you are coming from. I really love learning about new discoveries in physics, but engineering is where you can make a living. If you are worried about getting work, then you should definitely go with Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineers are always in need and the discipline is so broad you can get into almost any industry. If you do go with mechanical engineering take advantage of the opportunity to learn CAD, especially Solidworks. Companies are always looking for engineers with CAD experience.
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    I usually wouldn't recommend anyone to major in physics unless they were dead set on grad school.
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    Actually in my area, high school science and physics teachers are in VERY high demand. So, if teaching was something that might be up your alley, that is something that you could consider.

    However, when it comes to physics, it seems like you either get your bachelors and pursue a high school teaching position, or you go all the way and get your PhD. It seems like getting your masters puts you in an in-between place that limits your job opportunities. This is at least from what I have come to understand.
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    Geophysics...Why doesn't anyone ever mention geophysics? I'm a physics major in my second year and am majoring in physics because I eventually want to become a geophysicist. From what I've read, it seems that the career outlook for physicists working in the earth sciences is pretty good. Am I mistaken?
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