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Which one is more harder Dynamics Or Kinematics ?

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    Hi everyone;

    I'm a ME student who just finished Dynamics course and I did really good. I've finished also statics course it was not easy, I faced some difficulties.

    So, the next semester I'll do "Kinematics and dynamics of machinery" course and I'm so worry.

    Is it real that Kinematics is harder than Dynamics?

    Thank You.
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    If English isn't your first language, then just a couple pointers:
    A person does "well" in a subject. A person does "good" for other people (donating to charity, feeding the homeless...)

    Something is "more difficult" or simply "harder".

    As for your question, I think typically they are on the same level; though depending on your major, one or the other could be taught in a more detailed (and therefore difficult) way. For instance, I was an aeronautical student, and while our Dynamics course was more difficult than, say, physics (which had as a module Kinematics), it was less difficult than the kinematics portions of my Orbital Mechanics and Ballistics course.
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    Thank you very much. Indeed, English is not my language
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    Hi grimm,
    My point of view is nothing harder, both are into mechanical part. So if you learn both it will be good for your future. Before going into this two term, first learn what exactly is it - Kinematics which is the study of classical mechanics and that describes the motion of points, bodies and system of bodies without notice of the cause of motion.
    Where Dynamics is the branch of mechanics which concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces.

    Natalie Hutchin
    Senior CAD Engineer
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