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Homework Help: Which resistor gets most power in both series and parallel?

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    three resistors that have values of 5,2,1 ohms, are connected in series and parallel to a battery, which resistor gets most power in both series and parallel???
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    ok, well what do you know about Ohm's Law and how voltage and current act in a series and in a parallel circuit?
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    ohms law:- resistance as the ratio of the Voltage to the current.

    if resistors are connected in series, the current in all resistors are the same.
    if resistors are connected in parallel, the potential difference across them are the same.
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    Hello luice,

    Try to use the definition for electrical power P=V*I together with Ohm's law. You'll get 2 different equations for P, each one represents one of the two given cases. After you've found the answer, can you guess what that means for the characteristics of Voltmeters and Amperemeters?


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