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Which software is the best for 3D drawing?

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    Anyone can recommend me which software is the best for 3D drawing for piping?
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    What is your budget? Look at http://www.procad.com/ [Broken]
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    You'll have to define "best," and what you consider "3D drawing" while you're at it... As Greg mentioned, prices and capabilities of different software packages vary wildly.
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    for 3d modeling of pipe I would recommend Inventor that last time i used it, it had the ability to do piping pretty easily. I am a personal fan of solidworks, it can do piping pretty easily with a simple sweep. like stated above it is all about your budget
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    solid works is good if you know how to use it. thats what i know, although i havent tried any others.
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    Google sketch-up is free and has a "follow" utility that you could use to run pipe. If you can afford something better, I would go with most anything else though. Piping is easy in solid works and Catia but both cost several thousand dollars unless you are a student in which case they cost a hundred or so dollars for a year long license.

    Here is a great list of free 3d design programs that you could use.
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    MS paint.
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