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Which subject did you find more difficult: upper-level math or physics?

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    I'm sure both math and physics come from different points of views, but for those who have experienced both, which field did you feel was more harder to understand and learn?
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    Physics hands down--you need all that upper-level math but you also need to understand the actual physics related concepts.

    IMO, of course.
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    Math, hands down. The physics concepts and the applications of math necessary for physics were easy for me. It was when I decided I needed more pure math that I really had to work. Big Rudin cover to cover gave me many headaches. I doubt you'll get the same answer from two people, our brains all work differently.
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    Physics is much harder for me. In math it is always precisely clear whats being assumed and what exactly you need to do to solve a problem.
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    Physics overall.

    But no class I've taken in physics compares to what I've seen from real analysis or topology. And then graduate level math just blows graduate physics away, again, from my limited exposure.

    That's not really true at most universities. You use very little of the math one learns in a bachelors of math in physics courses.
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