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Who is donating body parts to science after death?

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    I've been hearing of many athletes coming forward to donate their brains to science when they die. Curious with most of us being involved in science and its progress has anyone here made plans to donate their body or an organ to science after they die? Why not? Let's do it!
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    I think mine will be all used up by the time i die.
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    Both of my parents donated their bodies to science. My dad's body went to Baylor in Houston, when my mom dies, I believe that her body will go there also. If you wish, they will return the cremated ashes to you.

    I am an organ donor, although I don't think I have many viable organs left, I should look into whether being an organ donor makes you ineligible to leave your body to science.
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    I have a cast iron stomach, maybe science can do something with that. Otherwise, I've used up all my other organs, I am honestly amazed I'm still kicking.
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    I'm a designated organ donor on my California Driver's License. If I die in a car crash, they can harvest some good stuff. If I die in a motorcycle crash (not going to happen), nothing will be worth harvesting.
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    I'm not talking organ donation to another person, but for science experiments etc
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    Like being a cadaver for medical school students? Or have you done something to your body that would highly interest scientists.... :biggrin:
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    I have a good story here, but I'm not going to say it . . .
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    No way. I've seen how freshman med students treat dead bodies. Very little respect.

    Organ donation is fine with me though...
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    Way yes! It appeals to me. If it could be put to constructive use rather than be a total burden on the environment and not cost my family then I'm in. If I do, however, I will finally have to get a tattoo. It will be a dotted line with the words "cut here."
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    It would depend on my circumstances I think. If I had some rare medical feature, then probably. Otherwise, I'm hoping the technology/cost will be low enough to send my ashes into the depth of space. My organs I certainly plan on donating though (I'm hoping by the time that I actually die however, organ cloning is advanced our species beyond the need for human donors.)
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