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Who's studying what this spring?

  1. Jan 10, 2006 #1
    The new semester is about to start... for the few of us in the northern hemisphere. What courses are you studying or teaching?

    I think we have a thread like this every semester. So I figure I'll start this one off.
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    I got...

    Complex Analysis
    Basic Analysis
    Abstract Linear Algebra
    Ancient Philosophy (Ethics)
  4. Jan 10, 2006 #3
    QMech, Gen. Relativity, Complex Analysis, and some humanities.
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    I have

    - Multiple Integrals, Vector Matrices and Differential Equations
    - Transition Metal Chemistry, Main Group Chemistry, Organic chem
    - Electromagnetic theory
    - Basic Electrical Engineering
    - Engineering Thermodynamics
    - Process Calculations
    - Engineering Drawing

    What courses do you have rachmaninoff?
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    Still doing Core skills in physical geography, and People, Land & time from last semester. I've also got Reasearch design and field study, and Ecosystems.
    I also get to go on a week long field trip to http://ret0057t.eresmas.net/Fotos/Landscape/Big/Ct-Teresitas.jpg
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    It's very much up in the air at this minute, and I don't want to be speculative on this forum... I expect to have a better idea later today or possibly tomorrow. I'll post then; until then, enjoy the suspense!
  8. Jan 10, 2006 #7


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    I'll be taking

    Calculus II
    Advanced Mechanisms
    Intro to C++
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    I'll be taking
    Structural Analysis II
    General Hydraulics
    Construction Materials (Materials in Engineering)
  10. Jan 10, 2006 #9
    Next semester I'll be taking:
    Physical Chemistry II
    Boundry Value Problems
    Chemical Process Simulation
    Advanced Calculus I
    Heat Transfer
    Chemical Reaction Engineering

    I hope that's what I'm taking anyway. There is a scheduling conflict between calc and BVP's, but I think the time of the calc class is going to change so I'll be able to take both.
  11. Jan 10, 2006 #10
    Spring looks like:

    -Graph Theory :cool:
    -Vector Analysis :cool:
    -Linear Algebra :cool:
    -Probability/Statistics :cool:
    -History: Western Civilization :frown:
    -Tennis :biggrin:

    Should be a fun semester as long as I don't have some jackass history teacher :smile:
  12. Jan 10, 2006 #11
    Electromagnetic theory
    Control Systems
    Communication Theory
    Linear Algebra
    Junior EE Lab
    Junior EE Seminar
  13. Jan 10, 2006 #12
    -Engineering Statistics
    -Electronics and Instrumentation I (Fancy words for basic circuit design)
    -Architecture of non western civilizations
    -criminal justice, again. I flunked it last semester because I never went and hated that Bit...i mean lovely lady teaching the course. What a stupid corse...
  14. Jan 10, 2006 #13
    I'm retaking Complex for a similar reason. The professor decided to make the final worth 45% of the grade and have it all be based on the last 2 weeks' material :cry:
  15. Jan 10, 2006 #14
    messuring technology(I dont know if this is the correct translation)
    solid state physics
  16. Jan 10, 2006 #15


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    I know most of you hate humanities, and I hated them too before.

    I had 3 terms with only mathematics and physics courses, and now I got one Philosophy. So far I enjoy it, and I will make the most of it.

    I hope you all make the most of your humanities credits, and not simply take a super easy one. I took Philosophy because I was interested in it, but if I didn't have to have humanities, I wouldn't take it though. Nevertheless, I will make the most it. My next and last humanities might be a history course, preferably Ancient or 1500-1600's.
  17. Jan 10, 2006 #16
    Jason, I am not sure about how much you are interested in history, but I have yet to take a fun history class; in fact, this semester I will be taking my fifth history class.. If I were you, I would look for something else to take, as I believe you are a pure math major, unless you really think you will like it.

    The only other humanities class I have taken is English Literature, and it was better than the history classes I have taken in my opinion, but I hated the poetry part of the class. Thankfully, I will be done with all of those core classes at the end of this spring semester if I continue to major in Math Ed.

    Note: I have taken so many history classes because I am majoring in Math Education and I need to know history, at least according to my degree requirements :rolleyes:
  18. Jan 10, 2006 #17


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    I'm only taking one graduate class, Digital Communications II.

    - Warren
  19. Jan 10, 2006 #18


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    It doesn't have to be fun. My Complex Analysis class surely isn't fun. It's boring and slow, but I still enjoy mathematics.
  20. Jan 10, 2006 #19
    Oh, well if you enjoy boring and slow, then you might actually have no problem with history classes.
  21. Jan 10, 2006 #20
    next semester will be my last for this B.Sc degree :biggrin:

    and i only got
    -radiation theory
    -electronics 2
    -electro-optics lab (yay! 8 houres of joy) :biggrin:

    i got so much spare time!!! and i hope my interviews went well... if it all goes right i'll be working on nano-machines and nano-electro-optic devices in one of the biggest companies in my country.
    (or work on a high-energy solid-state laser research at the nuclear research plant, thats my second choice :biggrin: )
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