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Homework Help: Why a balloon sticks to the wall

  1. Feb 21, 2008 #1
    I cannot find this in my book and i cannot wrap my brain around it...i am more of an analytical person...

    The question is-A negatively charged balloon is sticking to the wall. Does this mean that the wall is positively charged?Explain.Eventually, the balloon falls down. Explain why. The balloon will stick to the wall longer when the air is dry. Explain Why.

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    Why would we assume the balloon takes on a negative charge and the wall a positive one? The balloon falls, equilibrium is reached and the attractive force is diminished, correct? The balloon sticks to the wall longer when it is dry outside due to the fact that the charges do not dissipate in the dry air as easily as it does on humid days.
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    When a negatively charged ballooon is close to the wall, positive charge is induced on the wall, which attracts the balloon. When the balloon is in contact with the wall, some negative charge is transferred to wall making it negative. Due to repulsive force balloon falls down. In dry air wall is dry, and hence transfer of charge from balloon to wall is slow.
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