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Why can't my computer detect my disk anymore?

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    I have made some editions blindly to my SD card. Now the PC cannot perceive the disk. I cannot see the disk under my computer but can see under device manager. What's the matter? What is the reason?
    related pics.png

    device manager.png

    Thank you.
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    Is it formatted?
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    Since I cannot see under my computer, I don't know? How can I check it in this case?

    Thank you.
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    Is this a new hard drive? If so, you probably need to format it. Press ctrl+esc, and then type format. Look for something called "Create and format hard drive partitions". This will destroy all the data on the drive so you probably don't want to do this if it isn't a new drive.

    If it is not a new hard drive, were you able to access the hard drive in the past? If so, when did it stop appearing? Did you install something?
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    Since this is windows, try going into administrative tools / computer management / disk management and see what that displays. Similar to what you posted, it will show capacity (total space) and free space for all "drives".

    For a new drive, disk management can also create primary partitions, extended partitions, logical drives within an extended partition, and format partitions or logical drives.

    In your case, it seems the drive is corrupted. I'm wondering if SSD's have particular types of failures, such as the internal mapping, and if there is a utility to repair / recover a SSD.
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    Try resetting to factory settings and hope you have an option to preserve your files.
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    Go into "Disk Manager" and see if you can see the disk there. Most probably it does not have a drive letter attached to it. Let Disk Manager assign a station letter to it, then it should be visible.
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    check your hard drives cables which connects with hard drive and cpu and clean its ports. You must have backup to store your important data in other external hard drive, so that you save your data and time in this critical situation.
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    Could you please clarify if your computer cannot see the SD card, or some other disk?

    If it is the SD-card, then you most likely damaged the file system on the SD-card with that 'blind edit', whatever does that mean.
    The device manager checks the device itself, while the 'My computer' will see only intact, accessible file systems: devices without recognized filesystem won't show up.
    Hopefully you don't have anything important on that card.
    Do you want to use it again, or you want to recover the data on it?

    Ps.: oooops, just another case of useless necromancy...
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    jim mcnamara

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    Thanks for the good contributions everyone. Thread closed.
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