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Why can't we build an earthquake-resistant building?

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    What are the forces that we need to consider when constructing a building?
    when there are tree that can resist an earthquake why can't a building resist it?
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    We can build them. There are plenty of earthquake resistant buildings in California.

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    There is of course a difference between earthquake resistant and earthquake proof.
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    Japan is also on the forefront of engineering in earthquake resistant structures. The basic idea is engineers take a very close look at a structure's natural vibrational modes and frequency response to the forcing frequency of an earthquake, based on empirical measurment.
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    Ultimately it's a question of cost. You could build a building that was totally proof against an earthquake, but you wouldn't want to pay for, or live in, a bomb shelter.
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    lots of people are working on it. my civil department specializes in seismic design
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    Simple answer: trees bend. Bricks don't.
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    You might want to visit the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) web site.
    If you are nearby to Oakland, they used to also have some really neat exhibits at their HQ. It's also close to Jack London Square and you can see the original models for the Imperial Walkers (a plug for Oakland).
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    With every big (high magnitude in richter scale) earthquake more research is done, and building codes get updated thus buildings get more resistant to earthquakes.
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