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Why did you choose to study science? Survey

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    I am conducting research at the University of Western Australia on why people chose to study in science and science-related areas. Part of this is an international on-line survey.

    The survey is for anyone who completed tertiary science (and applied science) studies after leaving school – the greater the diversity of the respondents the better will be the results. You don't have to be currently working in science-related areas. If you want your country and discipline to be represented then please participate, and please send your friends and colleagues in science-related areas the survey link:


    All responses are anonymous and the individual responses will remain confidential. Following statistical analysis the overall results will be published during 2011. The report will be available as a PDF at "[URL [Broken]
    If you would like to know more, then please contact Dr Colin Hanbury at colin.hanbury@uwa.edu.au (Phone +61 8 6488 2508), or Assoc. Prof. Nancy Longnecker at nancy.longnecker@uwa.edu.au (Phone +61 8 6488 3926).

    Important points for you to consider
    • Most developed countries are witnessing falls in school students opting for science subjects and for university science-based courses; however, the trend is opposite in developing countries.
    • It is important for our combined social and economic future for people to be scientifically literate and for there to be sufficient well-qualified people to take up science-based occupations.
    • This survey will help us understand the issues related to students’ selecting of science at school, and will enable comparisons across different cultures and countries.

    Please answer the survey – it should take no longer than 15 minutes.

    Colin Hanbury
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    This is an excellent survey! I just completed it and I think everyone that is either, a professor, working in industry, or currently studying science in school should finish it.

    Thanks for informing us!
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    the study is not representative of the world population. This is called a cluster sample because a limited demographic peruse these forums. If you want accurate results you should use stratified samples on physical campuses world wide
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    Excuse me, "{~}", but this is undoubtedly not the only place where the survey has spread to and the idea is to have anyone who is in academics or who has studied science in the past anywhere in the world take the survey. Obviously there will be a qualitative analysis of the demographic, which is why certain questions like age and country of citizenship are asked.
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    As Caramon suggested, this is not the only place this survey is being promoted. Most of my personal connections are in agricultural sciences and plant biology. Accordingly, I am using forums, publications and colleagues etc to reach as broadly as possible across sciences and applied sciences. Feel free to send the link to colleagues and friends with science and applied science qualifications.
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    I would as it seems like a good survey, however, I am not "qualified" as I have not received my degrees yet.
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