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Homework Help: Why do funny mirrors produce distorted images?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    why is it that when one stands outside a cafe in front of its glass wall he can see his own reflection but not the people inside the cafe, and yet the people inside the cafe can see him from the inside?
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    Re: light

    why do funny mirrors produce distorted images?

    why do most deep sea fish have small eyes or no eyes at all while mid water fish have very big eyes?

    why does a fish out of water have a very blur view of whats around it in the air?

    why cant a laser beam be dispersed when passed through a glass prism?

    why is white light not dispersed in air?

    can someone pls help me with these questions! i'm trying to attempt them now cos my exam is tmr!(yeah last minute mug)
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