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Engineering Why do people say that engineering can or does make one become insane

  1. Nov 8, 2009 #1
    they've said before that studying engineering makes a person go insane, become unstable, or to just lose ones mind, how might this be true, or is this a joke ? This is confusing as to what they might mean?
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    You are thinking of statistical mechanics.

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    Just a shot in the dark here but people with low-level or no-math careers (and people who didn't go to college) often think of science and engineering courses as being impossibly hard, and think that anyone who would willingly put himself through that must be insane.

    As a physics student I would say that the level of abstraction, logic, and effort required to succeed in those careers might substantially alter the way your brain tackles a certain thought, I can't really explain it but I've seen math students with really unorthodox ways of concluding B when given A.
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    I think such statements largely come from students who still try to apply "worked in high school" study (or lack thereof) techniques when faced with a university course load and all the demands of university life. Studying engineering or physics is certainly demanding, and requires a considerable effort to succeed.

    If you keep your life balanced, get enough sleep, exercise, eat properly, and balance study time with constructive down time, you should get though without any problems.
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    It could also be because so many of histories famous mathematicians/scientists went crazy or killed themselves!
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    It's a stereotype.

    Sometimes the sciences and engineering draw people too them who don't necessarily "fit in" everywhere. They tend not to be the most sociable people and look strange to others.
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    Who is "they"?

    In my humble opinion; if one manages one's time well and has a passion for whatever branch of engineering is being pursued, then the challenges will be conquerable and well worth it.
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