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Why does my post count not increase?

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    As Cyrus, our forum authority, has noted before: "It depends on the quality of the post, as decided by a mentor."

    So when you post about some silly idea that nobody agrees with, or cares about, then your post count will stay the same. Also, if you post something really stupid then your post count will decrease (of course it can't go below 0).
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    Posts in the General Discussion forum are not included in post counts.
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    OK thanks.
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    Boo! mattmns was on to something.
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    Wow, I didn't know the post count was so sophisticated..........That's really interesting and cool. Is their some algorithm involved or do the mentors put in all that work to check all those posts?

    EDIT: I just realized JTBELL's post was probably the more correct answer the the OP.......If this was a stupid question, please disregard....
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