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Why does my post count remain at zero

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    Why does my post count remain at zero....

    ....when I've clearly made several posts under this account already?
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    Posts in General Discussion don't contribute to your post count
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    Posts in GD and Politics & World Affairs Forums do not count - since they are not Math and Science - but posting in Forum Feedback does - so you now have 1 post.
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    Thanks, that clears up all of my confusion haha. By the way, nice blog entries Astronuc.
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    Post count isn't as important here as it is in some other forums. We don't rate members based on post count. It's quality over quantity here. :smile:

    We *do* reward members with a track record of consistant quality posts. These members will have ribbons such as "science advisor" and "homework helper".
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    Haha well I'm nowhere near close to getting one of those ribbons, but science is of my interest which is why I'm glad I found this community. :smile: I thank you for welcoming me in.
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    If it is quality over quantity, I must be in trouble.....
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