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Why don't guys wash their hands after going to the bathroom?

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    Alright, 95% of you guys on here probably do wash your hands after going to the bathroom since most of you on here are smarter than the average Joe. But any guy can attest to the fact that there are tons of men who simply don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom (simply washing with water doesn't count). Why is this? Nothing is worse than seeing some dude who takes a number 2 at a restaurant bathroom, walks right out not washing his hands, and then sits back down at his table to eat his sandwich.
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    I've actually observed a fairly equal ratio among women. Oprah Winfrey even did a segment on it. *throws confetti*
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    It pisses me off the most when they don't wash their hands and then open the door with them. Then I hate to use a paper towel to open the door. People don't want to wash their hands? Chop them off.
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    I always wash my hands after numero dos, but often only fully wash my hands with soap after urinating when in public places.

    Fact is, when us guys touch our penises with our hands, we're getting the penis dirty, not the hands. There are germs/bacteria on the penis, but not as much as on the hands, since we don't go around touching everything with our penises.
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    Yeah but what about that bathroom entrance or stall door? What about the handle on the urinal? If you only wash with water, what about that faucet handle? Those are all breeding grounds for disease.
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    Whats great are the eruo bars/clubs around here that have a common mens/womens room. So half the stalls are men half are women. When you close the door its 100% private. I dont like the idea becasue then your washing your hands at the sink with both men and women and its not private to one sex only.
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    That's true, but that stuff gets everywhere. I believe I saw on Mythbusters (not the most credible source I know) that fecal coliforms grow on pretty much every surface, including toothbrushes, but not in levels high enough to be problematic.

    I'm more concerned about my job. I work at a computer lab on campus, and I make sure to use hand sanitizers a couple times per shift to keep the bugs away.
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    I use hand cleaning paper. I don't care much when at home but feel sick going to public.


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    An Air force Airman and a Navy Seaman are both using the urinals. The Airman finishes and begins to wash his hands. The Seaman finishes and heads directly out the door. "In the Air Force they teach us to wash our hands after using the restroom." The airman calls out. The Seaman responds, "In the Navy they teach us not to piss on ourselves."

    Seriously though, health urine is sterile. I do wash my hands after using the restroom, but I don't worry too much about the door handle.

    P.S. Kitchens are breeding grounds for diseases, so are hospitals and supermarkets, and daycares. It's really not worth worrying about.
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    Sure, for about 10 seconds. Then it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which you then wipe all over everything...

    (Eww eww. My post is right next to chayced's. :yuck: )

    [EDIT] Agh! I'm surrounded! :yuck: I'm the meat in a bacteria sandwich![/EDIT]
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    Urine is also a good fertilizer (due to urea), so start saving it for your plants!!! :uhh:
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    Gee, can't people learn to keep their hands dry when using their own equipment?
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    People, I'm a guy so I know!

    Either they truly don't get it, I mean germs, or it is a protest, or they are in a hurry.

    Now I suppose there could be some very deep psychological problem. But there you have it!

    Guys are human, oh wait! they could be a slob.

    However, Who really knows in the universe of possibility.

    Sorry, I wax and wane in wine while pondering this age old question, Why do men not wash their hands after using the bathroom?

    They just don't get it!!!!
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    Probably the same sociopaths that leave the toilet seats up?
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    What don't guys get about germs?
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    That there are more germs on the wet sinks, soap dispensers and towels than there are on your clean penis or the cold dry metal door handles.

    ps. How do you tell an organic chemist? They wash their hands before going to the toilet! As do cooks in curry restaurants.
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    Yeah, well the cooks have a damn good reason.
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    After I use the bathroom, I go to the sink and turn on the water with the tip of my finger. Then I use soap (most soap dispensers are IR) and wash my hands. BUT, I unroll the towells before I wash my hands. That way when I'm done washing my hands I dont have to pull the lever down that other people have touched with my clean hands. Then I dry my hands and use that towel to open the door if its a pull not push door. If there isnt a trash can near the door when I leave too bad, I hold the door open with food and shoot the balled up paper towel at the trash can like a basketball. If I make it cool, if not - not my problem.
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    It doesn't freak me out that bad. Although, I do open the door with my pinky finger to avoid touching a dirty door handle.

    I wouldn't freak out about it though.
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    So you're the idiot throwing paper all over the floor! :mad:
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